Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Last #1 Choice for Archdiocese of Portland's New Shepherd

This is the final #1 choice for our new Shepherd.  All my sources are most trustworthy and I pray this is my last #1 choice. If anything, these good men are faithful to the Holy Father and anyone of them would be stellar.  We are indeed fortunate, at least for the Holy Father knowing what we need. 

Bishop Jackels has NOT NOW in any way been announced IF this is our new Shepherd. The announcement for our new Archbishop should be emminent.
This is my best pick NOW.  Maybe THIRD TIME will be the charm. 
We would be blessed to have any one of these men as our Shepherd.  It will not be long now for an official statement from the Archdiocese.

God Bless us all in this Holy Season.  We await our new Shepherd and Our Savior.




Brian Schweiss said...

(Brian from Illinois): I just wanted to mention that we just went through our own waiting period for our new Bishop here in the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois last year into this year. Bishop David Malloy, who was named as our new Bishop in March and ordained and installed in May, seems to be very good so far. I'm praying daily for all of you in Portland as you await your new Archbishop. Right now, there are 15 U.S. Dioceses who are waiting for new Bishops, with seven of those Dioceses being currently vacant. Also next Sunday, Bishop Timothy McDonnell of the Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts turns 75 and submits his resignation to the Holy Father, so the list goes up to 16..... Pray daily also for our Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Vigano from Italy. He's got a lot of work to do! Finally, U.S. Bishop appointments have slowed down a lot lately. Since October 18, there have only been two. Bishop Ricardo Ramirez of the Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been waiting for his replacement since September 12, 2011, when he turned 75 and submitted his resignation. Keep praying! :)

VOCAL said...

Thanks Brian for your comment and prayers for Western Oregon.

I know that it seems to be jumping the gun with so many Dioceses in need.

Maybe my trusted sources are driving me crazy with this information. I would hope not since I just got (almost) over the election.

God's blessings on your new Bishop and I pray he stays close to the Holy Father.

Brian Schweiss said...

Thanks for the prayers for our Bishop Malloy! :) Also, my parents own property in the western U.P. of Michigan, so the Diocese of Marquette is our second "home" Diocese. Bishop Alexander Sample is a GREAT Bishop! :) The consensus up there is not if he'll get moved, but when. Stay tuned! :) Finally, there should be more Bishop appointments announced very soon as Pope Benedict met with Cardinal Marc Oullet (head of the Bishops Congregation) last Friday. I believe they usually discuss up to six appointments at a time, then the Pope makes his decisions. Keep praying! :)