Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Message to VOCAL Passed on to You. Happy Easter, The Lord is Risen!

Happy Easter!

Each Easter for many years I have celebrated Easter with some very dear friends and as luck sometimes has it, I have been asked to give a blessing before dinner.

Last year I realized that the youngest children really could not grasp the prayer I offered or its meaning--it was just too adult. So this year I have begun the quest for a prayer that the kids will understand. While researching that prayer I came across this little gem--although not addressing my search--is something I thought I would like to share with you. Since this season is a time to reflect on the wonder of God's love I thought you might enjoy the following Short Easter Blessing:

May the celebration of resurrected life bring new hope to your being.
May the victory over earthly death turn your eyes to the promises of heaven.
May the empty tomb help you to leave your sorrows at the foot of the cross.
So that God's hope, promises and forgiveness reign in your life forever.



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