Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GUEST POST on Oregon Health Authority Form and Teenagers Consent for Sterilization

This particular bill HB2678 was filed "pre-session" which means that it is one of those favored to receive extra early attention. The two sponsors are listed as Robert Nosse (D) and Michael Dembrow (D). The bill was introduced in early January and there was a public hearing Feb. 16, 2015.
No one spoke against the bill but it was highly praised by officials of Planned Parenthood, Oregon Nurses Assoc.and others.

In 2011, I became aware of a 2-page document available through the Oregon Health Authority which is a consent form for sterilization of girls and boys age 15-20. This permission paper even provides interpreters who "assist" young people in signing for sterilization. This permission sheet mentions that if the young person does not want to be sterilized, he/she will not suffer withdrawal or withholding of benefits provided by projects or programs receiving federal funds !!


Below is a portion of this consent form for 15-20 year old males to become sterilized by the Oregon Health Authority.  Thanks to Carol for the link and her connections.
Here is the link in pdf form      .https://apps.state.or.us/Forms/Served/oe0742b.pdf

Physician's Statement
Statement of Person Obtaining Consent

"Shortly before I performed an operation upon _______________________(name of individual to be sterilized) on   _________ (date of sterilization operation), I explained to
 him/her the nature of the sterilization operation
___________________________(specify type of
 operation), the fact that it is intended to be a final
 and irreversible procedure and the discomforts,
 risks and benefits associated with it.

I counseled the individual to be sterilized that alternative
methods of birth control are available which are temporary. I explained that sterilization is different because it is permanent. I informed the individual to be sterilized that his/her consent can be withdrawn at any time and that he/she will not lose any health services or benefits provided by Federal funds.

To the best of my knowledge and belief the
individual to be sterilized is between 15-20 years
of age and appears mentally competent. He/
She knowingly and voluntarily requested to be
sterilized and appears to understand the nature and consequences of the procedure."


Anonymous said...

Is the sterilization form enacted into law and in effect ? Or is this a suggested form that is in a legislative bill that has not been voted upon yet. Scary stuff !! I sure hope it's not the law ! Not even any parental consent ! Even if there was parental consent, it still would stink !

paulrevere said...

Sterilization of minors is already allowed by law. This bill permits nurse practitioners to do the procedure. This means that it can be done in School Based Health Centers, in effect at school! Also, this bill was sponsored by a homosexual Catholic who is "married" to his "partner" AND is a member of the St. Phillip Neri Parish Pastoral Council. I have been told that the Chancellery will "look" into it.

VOCAL said...

Dear Paul Revere,

It still makes my head swim thinking that the government in Oregon approves of sterilizing minors. I knew that it was a scandal when our daughters/granddaughters would be allowed to have abortions without their parents, but...I never thought about their actual sterilization and now our boys too.
I'm just amazed.
I believe in that this opens the way for licensed practical nurses to give girls abortions. Leading to non-medical staff....full circle to "back alleys"?

Carol said...

Yes, we are fortunate to have had Cardinal George in Oregon, even tho it seemed such a short time... May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Oremus!