Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Latest Status on Bill Diss - Legal Fight for Purity in Oregon

Here is the latest status on Bill Diss from Precious Children of Portland.  He has been fighting since 2007 for the purity of our youth and the demise of Planned Parenthood's MLK abortion mill.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Bill Diss the teacher who was walked out of Benson Polytechnic High two years ago has working diligently with an attorney hired by the union and by an attorney hired by Life Legal Defense Foundation.
Bill spends many hours a week on his case and recently was deposed by the lawyer from the school district.  He had to undergo questioning for one and a half days and on April 21, 2014 he will be part of arbitration hearings where the school district and his lawyer will question different students and teachers.

Mr. Diss has requested prayers from everyone and he will be at the arbitration for six days.  Bill is now self employed and teaches home school families and works part time at the local community college.  Bill encourages all the faithful to defend the purity of our youth and lives of the preborn.


Here's more information on Bill.

Dear Friends,
Bill Diss, former Benson High School Math and Electronics teacher, lost his job approximately 3 years ago with Portland Public Schools because of Planned Parenthood.
Bill is now in the thick of litigation, and needs your prayers, especially on:
April 21, 22, 23, 24. And April 27 and 28.
He had to take 4 full days off of work / tutoring to accommodate these dates.
And he is under intense grilling for about 6 hours for 4 of the days!
Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides his thoughts and responses, and his lawyers'.
Also, he asked for prayers for the parties on the other side. We pray for mercy and justice for all involved!
Thank you so much, and may God Bless and keep you.
Theresa Ruesink
40 Days for Life Portland


TR said...

Very Good Carolyn!
And thanks for your continued prayers for Bill, the purity of our youth, and the unborn, their parents, all who have had an abortion experience, and the workers in the abortion industry.

Chicks said...

I can see miles has a major problem - he needs to go back to school to be able to articulate his feelings - then again perhaps he is just plain ignorant. Generally evil people use evil language. Well done Bill. There are millions of people with you. God bless you for your courage and strong faith beliefs. FH

VOCAL said...

Miles does say a lot without saying much. I spoke to Bill this weekend and he is slowly moving forward. The Good Lord gave him this mission, to save children, born and unborn.

Even loud-mouths like Miles would be in Bill's prayers.

"Chick" I will make sure Bill knows your feelings. Pray for his wife too. God Bless.