Saturday, February 23, 2013

Archbishop Alexander Sample's Curriculum Choice, also for Us?

It seems that the only sources used for Religious Education are The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Holy Bible.
This program was the way the Diocese of Marquette was under Bishop Alexander K. Sample.
This will save us untold amounts of money if used in Western Oregon and any "funny business" with publishers disappear.
All the misery that some parents have been going through will be ended we pray.
"Following the renewal of the Liturgy and teh new codification of the canon law of the Latin Church (Roman rites) and that of the Oriental (Byzantine i.e.) Catholic Churches. this catechism will make a veryu important contribution to that work renewing the whole life of the Church, as desired and begun by the Second Vatican Council." Catechism of the Catholic Church , Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum pg. 3 (the Deposit of Faith Where things cannot change in the Church, VOCAL)


VOCAL said...

We need "cool".

T and E said...

Thank you so much for keeping us informed .. As we all know we have not been hearing this from Portland….

VOCAL said...

You're both more than welcome. I'm sure that the new Archbishop will be transparent with things that we have been shut out of for too long. Imagine if he uses just the Catechism and the Holy Bible for the kids and their parents. God bless him.

Therese said...


VOCAL said...

Back at ya, warrior among warriors.

Cathy said...

Amazing! How when you follow The Bible & your Church Teaching, problems seem to grow strangely dim- in the light of HIS Glorious Grace!

Light always exposes what is being done in darkness - just as TRUTH always sets us Free!

Hugs, my fellow Warrior!

VOCAL said...

What a concept!

VOCAL said... happy!

Judy said...

What a blessing.....thank You Most Holy Triune God thank you Holy Family........!

Thank you, too, Carolyn God bless you

To Jesus through Mary with her loving husband, Joseph.

VOCAL said...

It will be like Germany being freed from the Allies to have Archbishop Sample in Oregon.