Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bishop Vasa "Bearing Witness", asks His Teachers to "Reject Modern Errors" and Pays for It.

Here's a little blast from the on the link.

  Religion in the "Modern World".. w/ modern "errors"

Titled "Bearing Witness," the addendum asks teachers to "acknowledge" or "recognize" that:
They are called to a "life of holiness" and that "this call is the more compelling for me since I have been entrusted, in my vocation as a teacher/administrator in a Catholic school, with the formation of souls." In part here is the addendum:

As a teacher in the Santa Rosa Diocese, "I am, by that fact, also a ministerial agent of the Bishop who is the chief 'teacher' of the Diocese."
It also requires all teachers to "agree that it is my duty, to the best of my ability, to believe, teach/administer and live in accord with what the Catholic Church holds and professes.
"I am especially cognizant of the fact that modern errors -- including but not limited to matters that gravely offend human dignity and the common good such as contraception, abortion, homosexual 'marriage' and euthanasia -- while broadly accepted in society, are not consistent with the clear teachings of the Catholic Church."

Here is the whole article for you to read.

Bishop Vasa Requires Teachers to Reject Modern Errors

The comments shows the lack of True Catechisis for too long.  The Church is not what they perceive Her to be. 

Feeling the heat from his "Fireside Chat" Univerity of Portland's president issued this:

God Bless Bishop Vasa, Archbishop Sample, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and our new Holy Father.


priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

praying for him!

Carol said...

Hi, Carolyn dear - I've been wondering what Bishop Sample's new address in Oregon will be...I would like to avoid the archprincess' preview, if there is such a thing, and I wouldn't doubt it.........xoxox

VOCAL said... will be so EXCITING to actually be welcomed in the Pastoral Center. The Archprincess might have "left the building" already and I honestly wish her well...we all need to be forever in Heaven.

I would mail Archbishop Sample's mail to the Marquette Diocese right now and I'm sure it would be forwarded to a secure address in Portland if he had already left.

Here it is:

Marquette Diocese
The Most Reverend Alexander Sample
1004 Harbor Hill Dr
Marquette, MI 49855

VOCAL said...

Thank you "priest's wife" for the prayers for our new Archbishop.

I love your blog and know that the Byzantine Romanian Catholic Church under the pope allows for its priest to be married.

In fact I know how hard your husband works and how little he gets in return. God Bless you and your husband and children.